Ever Wanted to Live and Work in China?

Travelling to China is a once in a lifetime dream holiday for many people.

But if you have a degree, your mother tongue is English and you’ve some teaching experience then living and working in China for a year or longer as an English teacher or assistant (and getting paid well) is as easy as sending us your CV/résumé.

We’ve just set up our splash page for English teaching jobs in China and for online teachers required by Chinese schools and academies.

We’ll have our lovely site ready very soon. But in the meantime if you’d like to work in China from the autumn/winter 2017 please send us your CV/résumé to: jobs@teachinchinanow.com.

And don’t worry we’ll read all CVs/résumés and get back to everyone.* We’re not such a big company yet!

* A one page CV/résumé is sufficient. Name and education in the header. Body content of your CV/résumé should be work from present job to your first. If you haven’t worked before add stuff you did at university, societies, odd jobs etc, doesn’t matter everything counts; and tell us why you’re going to be a good teacher. We require nothing more. Ah, maybe a decent photo wouldn’t go amiss!





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